Sunday, March 31, 2013

[Ended] Amnesia: Fake Mystery

On the surface, it looks like a mysterious supernatural story, in the core, it's really just an excuse to show off whole bunch of pretty dudes. I guess my biggest problem, is that the main character is just so, so, so, so, so thick. Even for someone who has amnesia, she is still dumb beyond imagination. In my opinion, she doesn't deserve to live. I feel bad for those who sacrificed for her.

Final Scoreboard:

Drama: 70 (Interesting at the moment, but leaves a bad aftertaste)
Comedy: N/A
Action: N/A
Art/Animation: 78 (Pretty boy show)
Sound/Music: 80 (So so)

Character: 55 (Dumb dumb dumb)
Plot: 50 (Stupid stupid stupid)
Ending: 30 (The f^@k was that?!)

Re-watch value: 0 - Don't even do it for the first time

Overall: 60 - Complete waste of time

Recommendation: I got lured in by the mysterious nature of the story early on, but now I wish I didn't waste my time on this.


Zetro said...

This anime disappointed me greatly. I honestly spent about a half hour hunting around anime streaming websites for the ending episode, because alot of them must have had the same source with the last few moments clipped off. I almost wish I hadn't looked so hard.
I always kinda had that feeling, the niggle in the back of the head that this felt like an anime made from a dating game. I never expect good endings from them, but this one was just interesting enough while it was in motion that I let myself ignore the niggling doubt too much. I got hit with such a let down.
I really do try not to say 'this or that anime is a waste of time', but this one really is. Not because every second of your time is wasted, but because the overwhelming disappointment of the ending trumps anything positive that came before it.

They REALLY couldn't be bothered to think up a better ending? That ending has got to be almost copy paste of whatever the games ending was, because it just oozes the smell of it.

The Evil Cat said...

I have become more and more busy lately and as you might have noticed that I couldn't keep up with posting any more. After I wrap up with this season's opener, I'll be going to hibernation, and maybe come make a post once a while (which is probably not much different than what I'm doing right now).

So, I have been contacting some regular commenters here, wanting to know if anybody is interested in becoming contributors. Would you be interested?