Sunday, February 10, 2013

[New][January 2013] Kotoura-san

Japanese title: 琴浦さん
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Genres: Comedy / Drama
I've watched: 4 episode

Summary: Kotoura is a girl who can read other people's thoughts. Everybody around her is afraid of her and her ability, until one day he ran into Manabe and the ESP club.
First impression score: 92 - Very Intriguing

Personal comments: First half of episode one is actually rather sad. Then it took a 180 turn to become a comedy. Then it has been constantly shifting in and out of funny and sad stories ever since. The anime I once thought is the king of sudden mood shift, Clannad, actually pales in comparison to this. It just keeps amazes me how quickly it can go in and out of a comedy or tragedy mode so quickly.

Since this is the last new anime from this season I'm reviewing, I can safely say, Kotoura-san is currently occupying the top spot among all new animes from this season. Yes, it is that good. If I can only recommend you one anime from this seaon to watch based on early impression, Kotoura-san would be it.

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