Saturday, December 29, 2012

[Ended] Medaka Box Abnormal: Simple Pleasures

I have to say when I started this season of Medaka Box, I was not expecting much from it. To my surprise, however, it's far more enjoyable than I though it would be. Unlike a story with massive complex plot, Medaka Box Abnormal is all about simple pleasures: simple plot, simple fights, simple twists, and, most importantly, simply trolling around. Yet it isn't like most other simple minded anime, it has a rather...classy feel to it. So long you don't nitpick on the trolling, I think you'd enjoy it.

Final Scoreboard:

Drama: 84 (Shounen)
Comedy: 87 (Some are pretty funny)

Action: 92 (Very exciting)
Art/Animation: 88 (Good)
Sound/Music: 85 (Not bad)
Character: 90 (Trololololol)
Plot: 86 (Troll)
Ending: N/A

Re-watch value: 50 - Maybe

Overall: 89 - Trolling More

Recommendation: With the amount of trolling it involves, I'm not positive whether the ending really indicates there's another season or it's just their trolling as usual. 

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