Sunday, August 14, 2011

[Dropped] Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi: This is just stupid

Last Episode Seen: Episode 5

In my opinion, there is nothing this anime has done right since the series introduction. Like I said a couple of posts ago, this literally feels like a bedtime story for a 4-years old written by a 10-years old. There are so many things are just plain stupid to a point it's not even laughable any more. Having waited painfully through 4 episodes, it shows no sign of getting better. I think it's time to drop it for good.


Zetro200 said...

With these types of anime, I prefer to render a verdict after the end. The zany, all-over-the-place story telling method can be a treasure, like Dullala, they can also flop so hard you wish they were never made. Unlike Dullala, though, this one doesn't give that overt feeling of a major development brewing under the scenes. I've used your blog as my guiding directive for a while now, but I think I'm going to stick on this one for at least a little bit longer. They APPEAR to be getting more serious in the next few, but ending with a 'Magic Cat/Monster/Thing' has me skeptical about this one again. I love that you gave a great phrase for it, that it feels like a bedtime story written for a 4-year old by a ten year old, it sums up the feeling I've been having about it.

The Evil Cat said...

The format of the series actually reminds me much of Pandora Hearts. However, what Pandora Hearts didn't have was the amount of stupidities I've seen here since episode 2. Only if the story bear a bit more intelligence, I'd probably keep it till the end of the season.

Zetro200 said...

I've read you mentioning Pandora Hearts in several posts here before, it's sitting in my lists effective "to-watch" list. How high should it be on the priority ranking, I have a lot that I should probably finish since they're working into the "Years" age, Lists literally in the dozens now.

Really I can't say anything against that since I agree. This last episode I just watched today made me curious though, because it actually commented on that. Saito and Taito are having one of their "moments" and the character walks in and comments "Isn't that a little Hollywood?". First episode this characters actually had a chance to do much, but I think that as long as she's around I may cling to this one, she's crackin me up.

The rest of the episode is proceeding with the current main theme of the story though, so a "business as usual feel". I remember my favorite of one of your posts was actually of an anime you were dropping, Nurarihyon. For the entire first 4 episodes, I like the anime but I just felt something was wrong with it. When I came here again to check on another anime I figured I'd see what you had to say about it, and lo'n'behold, "Dropped...Bad directing...and flow." I went back and watched the episodes again and you were completely right. In the end I didn't have enough to watch then so I finished it, wasn't terribly impressed but it's a subtle cliffhanger for the second season that's out now so meh, they literally made it even more of a joke. They actually wrap up the story, but they don't touch a bunch of implied other important business they lay out the entire season.

[On a side note, it's safe to say that you could literally just pick up the second season without the first and go from there. I think someone else must have taken over because the style of story telling (and his jacket color, wth?) are very different.]

If I see anything of actual worth or import pop up here in Kuro Usagi I'll leave a comment but right now, it's just a comedy act with a "Srs Bsns Face" mask they keep in their back pocket, and I like comedy. *shrug*. I really don't feel much about it other than the fact the story is literally so fantastical that they could do anything with it, and I'm gonna feel very jipped if they don't at least try to bend our brains or touch a serious topic by the end.