Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Oretachi Ni Tsubasa wa Nai: Failed SHAFT Imitation?

Currently finished: Episode 5

Ok, first thing first, W!T!F!?

Now that's out of the way, is it just me or this feels like a terrible attempt of imitating SHAFT style anime? It got this weird camera shift thing going all over the place, clearly borrowed from SHAFT animes like Ef and Bakamonogatari. But something in this just doesn't feel right. For one, I think the overemphasis of the camera work on boobies and panties did more harm than good (well, overusing boobies and panties shots are just annoying in general, except when they are done really right, then it just become somewhat amusing). 

On top of that, unlike SHAFT, who normally defines the character before putting them into a massively confusing environment, there are so many different characters introduced so quickly here, five episodes in, I'm still having trouble matching faces to names or what anybody had done in previous episodes.

Then there's the story. I bang my head left and right after each episode, yet I still couldn't figure out anything sensible about the plot. It starts to make me wonder, do they actually have a plot? It seems whenever things start to make slight sense, they scramble them and start over in a different realm. Sure it could be amusing from time to time. But if they play the exact same game over and over again, you'll start to wonder whether they actually have anything at all in their bag.


Learning kanji said...

Hmm... when you said SHAFT, I immediately thought about Gene Shaft... probably you haven't heard about those series. They use to air on a legendary channel called Locomotion, which was from Latin America... but oh well xD

Interesting series that you describe here... although yeah, too many boobies can get annoying when you actually want to have some PLOT!

Thanks for sharing! :D

The Evil Cat said...

When I said SHAFT, I'm referring to the anime studio SHAFT http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shaft_(company), who has a very unorthodox method of storytelling.

Boobies and panties shots don't really bother me, unless they abuse the concept. Just read my post on May 30th about Seikon no Qwaser II ;-)

Here it's pretty clear they're just abusing it for pleasing viewers in certain demographics.