Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Angel Beats: Getting a Weird Beat

Currently finished: Episode 5

One thing I love so much about Key/VisualArts (in this case, their story writer, since this isn't technically a Key/VisualArts production, only the story writer from Key/VisualArts is involved in making Angel Beats!) is their talents of creating mood swings at extreme levels--one moment you'd be laughing so hard that you can't even sit up straight, the next moment you'd be wiping tears off your eye because you couldn't bear the feelings of sorrows towards the characters.

Some people hate stories like these because of that. But to me, that's the ultimate gold mine. Because this can fills me with so much emotions, and emotion is what I always look for in any story.

Back to the story itself, from these seemingly random yet cleverly organized events, I'm definitely sensing a weird beat that is hidden beneath everything. Something that I can't quite get a grasp on just yet other than the feeling that it's going to be the ultimate truth that has the potential to shock everybody. I just hope it does not end like Clannad After Story where the lamest miracle in the history gets the last laugh.

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yoekix said...

After 5 episodes i have yet to find a bad thing in this anime. Episode 4 made me laugh like hell and feel sad at the end( in a positive way)