Sunday, August 3, 2008

Special A: Nice Touch

Currently finished: Episode 16

Gonzo is one of my highly praised anime production studios. However, that is only limited to their drama animes. Their comedy animes, in my opinion, are substantially sub-par -- that is until now.

With Special A, Gonzo's comedy division finally manage to put out a comedy in my opinion is at the same level of their drama works. The biggest differece between Special A and their past comedy works is the depth of the individual characters. Many people think that depth in character is not necessary for comedies, I completely disgree. Even though you could make a comedy anime with no character depth, it wouldn't be long before its contents get very repetitive.

Ok, enough about my theories on anime :-) Let's talk about Special A. What I really like about it is the subtleness and some added twists you often see in their dramas. On top of that, certain character's insensitivity of certain issue is just a non-stop source of laughters.

New Rating (out of 5): 4.5 (net gain: +0.4) ~ Comedy + Depth

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