Sunday, June 15, 2008

July 2008 Anime Season Preview

The hottest month of the year is on its way, so is the new anime season. From what I can find, July season is not nearly as big as April. But again, January and July are the two minor seasons, where April and October are the two major seasons. At least I don't have to worry about stacking too many new ones onto my 20+ list of ongoing series I'm watching.

School Rumble 3rd Term

Ah, School Rumble, one of the most outrageous comedy animes I've ever seen. Too bad this 3rd term is only an OVA.

Forecast: If they keep doing what they've been doing, this should be good.

UltraViolet Code 044

I'd assume this is somewhat related to the UltraViolet movie. Hopefully, it doesn't turn out to be as cheesy as Devil May Cry did.

Forecast: Too hard to tell, especially movies turn to animes haven't had a good track record.

Koihime Muso

Yet another anime loosely based on Romance of The Three Kingdom. Japanese seems to have some strange fascination about Romance of The Three Kingdom. Just hope this isn't a all-fan-service anime like the Ikkitousen series.

Forecast: Supposedly it was a game, and hentai game nonetheless. At least it doesn't have the outrageous breasts size like Ikkitousen does.


Supposed to be an sequel to Code-E, which I dropped half way. I probably not going to watch it. But for those who liked Code-E, you might want to keep your eyes open for this one.

Forecast: Unknown...Don't care...

Natsume Yujin-Cho

Some guy who can see spirits got hold of a strange book belongs to her deceased grandmother. He found out the spirits are bound to the book with an contract. He then tries to free them.

Forecast: For some reason, it gives me a distinct feeling similar to Shonen Onmyouji. If it turns out to be true, it should be interesting.

Zero no Tsukaima: Princesses no Rondo

Oh....I so saw it coming when they ended the second Zero no Tsukaima. The second series had a very sharp contrast comparing to the first series. I wonder how this one going to turn out.

Forecast: Highly variable, because the amont of changes they made from the first series to the second series.

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