Friday, July 20, 2007

Update: AIKa R-16: Virgin Mission

Fan service, fan service, and more fan service. That's the impression of the second episode of AIKa R-16: Virgin Mission.

Last time, I've mistaken it as a TV series, and thought either no fansub is doing it or it's hard to get hold of the source. The fact is, it's an OVA. That explains all the partial nudity in the show.

In the first episode, I've noticed that towards the end of the episode, it was almost drenched with fan service. The second episode, well, almost every scene has some fan service. However, the fan service here is a bit different than the ones from Ikkitousen. The occurrence of Ikkitousen's fan service is a bit strange and unusual (mostly the way forces acts on human body), AIKa on the other hand, has a bit more... um... "normal" fan service, camera angle (very perverted) is the one making the fan service shots (compare to the weird physics cause clothes to rip apart in Ikkitousen).

Without the fan service, there is really not much to the episode itself. However it does make the plot line move forward a little.

Overall value? Not much. Fun to watch, maybe, depending on how perverted you are. Here are some fan service screenshots:

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