Friday, June 29, 2007

April-June 2007 New Anime: Sidekick face off

From: Claymore
Attached to: Clare
Role: Travel Companion
Usefulness: +2
Strength: 0.5
Intellect: 2
Fun: 0
Special skills: none (or maybe in this case...being a human)
Remarks: Compare to his companion, Clare, he is no match at all. However, from time to time, he's proven useful: he save Clare once from awakening; he makes good cover for Clare when she wants to mix in as human; he's also useful gathering information from other humans.

Devil May Cry
Attached to: Dante keeper?
Usefulness: +0.2
Strength: 0
Intellect: 3
Fun: 2
Special skills: House cleaning?
Remarks: She started as one of Dante's client. Now she just hang out at Dante's place all the time. She doesn't follow Dante out to fight the devil. She just stays at Dante's place and keeps that place clean. So far she demonstrated no strength what so ever, and the only useful skill by far is house cleaning. (and eats Dante's strawberry Sundae once a while to keep him frustrated. )

Ren Kannagi
Kaze No Stigma
Attached to: Kazuma Yagami/Ayano Kannagi
Role: Younger brother/helper
Usefulness: +5
Strength: 5
Intellect: 3
Fun: 2
Special skills: Command fire
Remarks: Being Kazuma's younger brother, he admires Kazuma. Unlike the previous two sidekicks, he actually has special power - to command fire. That skill, has been proven useful from time to time. Also, since he admires Kazuma and is Ayano's brother, he sometimes acts as a buffer between Kazuma and Ayano.

Nabuko Ishihara
Lovely Complex
Attached to: Risa Koizumi
Role: Love affair advisor
Usefulness: +7
Strength: 1
Intellect: 9
Fun: 9
Special skills: Give good advise?
Remarks: Being Risa's love advisor is not easy. Many sound advises she gave to Risa are either totaly misinterpreted or mishandled. It would be quite frustrating for her standpoint. To get even, once a while instead of giving advise, she just play around with Risa (or Atsushi).


From: Sisters of Wellber
Attached to: Tina Lawter
Role: Helper Sprite
Usefulness: +4
Strength: 1
Intellect: 5
Fun: 3
Special skills: small; able to fly; being a sprite
Remarks: She's been Tina's helper sprite ever since Tina was a thief. Since she's small, and able to fly, she's been good at gathering information. Other than that, she doesn't seem to have any other special power.

Cyrano de Bergerac

From: Sisters of Wellber
Attached to: Princess Rita Sior
Role: A.I. Robotic companion
Usefulness: +7
Strength: 9
Special skills: Armor plating; Canon; Machine gun
Remark: He is Princess Rita's loyal companion. Sometimes he is stubborn and lack of human emotion. But he does make a very good bodyguard. With is armor plating, canon and machine gun, he can almost stop anything.

Momka Kawakabi

From: Touka Gettan
Attached to: Toka Kamiazuma
Role: Admirer/Want to be lover
Usefulness: -5
Strength: 1
Intellect: 1
Fun: 5
Special Skills: Can eat a lot
Remarks: As a sidekick, she has gotten the main character into more trouble than helping out. That's why she has a negative usefulness rating. Intellect wise, she is quite dumb: she was actually trying to catch the moon from the water when she was asked to. But that makes her a fun character to mess with.

Face Off

Strongest sidekick: Cyrano de Bergerac
Weakest sidekick: Patty
Comments: There's not much to say, stats tells it all

Most useful sidekick: Nabuko Ishihara
Most useless sidekick: Momoka Kawakabi
Comments: Nabuko almost always gives good advise, but Cryano's stubbornness and lack of human emotion sometime is not beneficial to the main character at all. So Nabuka is chosen for the most useful sidekick. About the most useless sidekick, do you even need to ask?

Most Intelligent sidekick: Nabuko Ishihara
Dumest sidekick: Momoka Kawakabi
Comments: The stats are very clear.

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