Sunday, May 20, 2007

April 2007 New Anime - Random Remarks

Touga Gettan
- So far it's just like Momento. Within each episode, time flows normally. But the episodes are played in reverse order. The difference is, however, you get to see all the segments of Momento at once, where you only get to see one segment of Touga Gettan per week (or even more, depends on how fast sub group works). I found myself have to work really hard to recall what happened in previous episode because it has been a week since I saw it. Often, I have to go pull out the previous episode and scan through it.

Sisters of Wellber - Initially I thought it was interesting. But more I watch, I found out that I start to care less about what's really going on. There is nothing in it that could "grab" me to wanting to see more. It is walking on the edge of being dropped out of my list. If it doesn't get more interesting within next 2 episodes, I'm almost certain I'll toss it.

Towards the Terra - The character design of this anime bother the crap out of me. It just feels......uncomfortable for some reason. Normally, that's enough for me to strike it off my list. But, the plot is actually interesting enough for me to wanting to see more.

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